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Community & Cultural Foods Program enhances campus programming by partnering with students to utilize food for cultural sharing, learning and community building. The program provides advising, resources and support in the planning, development and serving of food as the focus or a component of programming.  Annually thousands of meals are served, hundreds of students and community members volunteer and hundreds of individuals gain new insight on food use and production. 

How to Plan a Self Produced Food Event

  • Check MU East Kitchen Availability
    • Go to
    • Hover over the "Browse" menu item, then click on "Browse Events"
    • Click the "Filter" Button on the right hand side, just below the "This Month" tab.
    • Select the "Global Community Kitchen" option under the Facilities Menu and press apply (you may want to adjsut your view from there to weekly or monthly).
  • Put in a request to reserve the kitchen by completeing a Kitchen Use Self-Catering Information Form 
    • No requests may be made fewer than 2 weeks in advance of the event. Depending on the scope of food service at your event, you may need to adhere to earlier deadlines, so be sure to plan early!

    • The Department of Student Leadership & Involvement will review your request and let you know when it has been confirmed. It is your responsibility to schedule a meeting with the CCFP Advisor at that time by emailing Events.SLI@oregonstate.edu

      • For larger events (more than 400), schedule your meeting at least 12 school weeks in advance. 

      • For smaller events (400 or fewer meals), schedule your meeting at least 8 school weeks in advance.

    • In advance of your meeting, email a draft of your menu and recipe template to the CCFP Advisor

  • Plan your budget 
    • Rental costs range from $22-$55 per hour or $225-$360 per day, depending on the complexity of the production
    • For events outside of the MU, expect additional transportation fees of $30 per hour and a Temporary Restaurant License fee of $37 (price in 2016). 
    • You will also need to include the costs of the raw food and compostable eating-ware (forks, plates, napkins, etc.)
      • Keep in mind that, if you are serving meat, prices change frequently

For advising on OSU Food Service policy generally, please contact Student Events and Activities