Vision Statement

Passionate global leaders connecting, exploring, and discovering the world through sharing of cultures, traditions, and lived experiences.

Mission Statement

The International Resource Center (IRC) provides an active, creative, engaging learning environment that promotes connections between students from all different cultures, customs and traditions. The IRC serves as a home away from home for Global Beaver Nation.


  • We will create an organization and environment that is focused on the international community, and open to accepting and supporting of all students.
  • We will provide opportunity for social interaction and education to all community members through activities and cultural events.
  • We will support all recognized international/cultural organizations by providing orientation, guidance, advising, volunteers, funding and leadership opportunities.
  • We will be a source of information on cultural issues and worldwide current events, community resources, and university services.
  • We will be an active participant in the OSU student government, OSU and Corvallis communities.
  • We will serve as an advocate in the interest of International Students at OSU.


  • Accountability-we are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of the members of our organization, the OSU community and the Corvallis community.
  • Diversity-we embrace the diversity of all individuals and cultures.
  • Respect-we strive to demonstrate respect, humanity, integrity and care for the well-being and safety of others in all we do.
  • Responsibility-we are responsible for being a socially just organization, committed to a positive student experience.