Photo of Terence Brasch

Name: Terence Brasch
Major: Economics 
Year: Junior

Terence currently works as the director of Saferide here at Oregon State University. His responsibilities include marketing, coordinating drivers, and building relationships with student programs and cultural centers on campus. His goal is to be actively involved as a student, which has opened doors for him, and even car doors for OSU students. The Saferide service provides reliable transportation for students to use during the night hours.

Terence’s first stepping stone in becoming a leader began when he was hired by Oregon State Extension Services to work at a summer camp at 16. From there Terence noticed his talents in interpersonal communication and wanted to strengthen these qualities by furthering his career. Terence has also worked at the Benton County Non-Profit Foundation. Here his desire to be apart of the Corvallis community grew. As soon as he started attending the Oregon State Football games he realized just how much he enjoyed the spirit and drive of student life on campus. This led him to apply for the open position of Saferide Director at the university. 

Terence has noted he did not think of himself as a leader at first and believed in taking a humble approach his accomplishments. However, he explains that it’s important to understand that even if you start out as a follower in certain circumstances you can still inspire other’s to go beyond their own expectations. If you have a positive attitude even in life’s tough situations you will be able to get past it quicker in the end. One value Terence believes every leader should have is the need to develop and tailor their communication skills and to be an effective listener. He also says it’s important to emphasis your strengths and to be flexible. Terence practices by examining how his role models influence others and what values they have.