Photo of Andrew J. HendersonName: Andrew J. Henderson
Major: Biology 
Minor: Writing
Year: Senior

Andrew Henderson is currently co-president of Oregon State University’s Blood Drive Association along with Patrick Winczewski. Andrew’s road to leadership started when he began attending the weekly blood drive meetings when he was a sophomore. During his time volunteering he was inspired by it’s president and the team. At the year elections he raised hand and applied for a leadership position. At the same time his good friend Patrick also raised his hand from the back of the room. It was the start of a dynamic and strong co-president partnership. 

Andrew’s first decision as president was to re-write the leadership and executive team system. The vice president position was done away with because both Andrew and Patrick new that their communication and teamwork abilities were strong and would be put to better use if they could work together has comrades. They also made sure to divide up their responsibilities fairly and equally. It was also decided that they would add more officer’s positions to help get more of the members involved. Andrew has commented that when running a organization it’s important to not only recruit students but to also retain them by making them feel they are truly connected to it’s purpose and are contributing to it’s goals. 

Andrew believes that every good leader should have “confidence and clear communication with your audience” and “even when you are not given a formal title of a leadership position, would should try to not allow yourself to simply sit back. Push yourself, don’t be passive, be active”. Andrew’s goal is to take his MCAT and GRE this summer and to continue his in journey pre-med and become a physician. 

“I’ve always felt really inspired by those who come into donate blood, they are the people that are truly making a difference and that’s definitely my favorite part of the blood drive. Seeing the people and talking with them reminds me why I chose this path in the first place.”