Photo of Colette ConoverName: Colette Conover
Major: Environmental Science
Year: Senior 

Colette was first attracted to the Oregon State community by its environmental science program, beautiful campus, and strong student life community. Specializing in Environmental Conservation and Sustainability she enjoys the versatility it gives her within the Environmental Major. Being without a car her first couple years her cousin would drive her throughout campus. In passing the Student Sustainability Center, Colette was intrigued and wanted to learn more. 

After interviewing with the center Colette received an internship as Energy Projects Intern for the winter in 2012. She quickly became the Energy Projects Coordinator the following term for 2 years. Then in a meeting with her environmental science advisor Colette learned about the Leadership Minor offered at Oregon State University. Her automatic answer was “Yes! That’s definitely for me!”

Being a leader has impacted her experience at college by opening her eyes as to what a community can accomplish. Colette emphasizes how amazing it is to see, "how one person can impact a community and how leadership is involved with everything". On campus, as well as being apart of the Sustainable Energy Initiative, Colette is also a passionate member of the group Students Engaging Tomorrow. They are now in the process of writing a resolution to going through ASOSU to try and get the OSU Foundation to divest from fossil fuels and reinvest in socially responsible and renewable energy companies. 

Being a liaison for Sustainable Energy Initiative, Solar Vehicle Team, Energy Action Team, and the Corvallis Sustainability Coalitions Team, Colette updates all the groups on what students are doing to make sure that everyone is on the same page. She is also a board member for the Corvallis Environmental Center. 

Said to be in the learning stages of a leader, Colette suggests that leaders can also be followers, and that you have to have experience both to know how the actors respond. One of the biggest aspects she believes leaders overlook is to think that change is impossible given the amount of effort it can take. She suggests however that, “you just have to step back and take your plan one step at step, it will become easier. Any great project can start small but if you keep on track, big things will happen”. Colette is now involved in a individual study with Jonathan Velez who is Oregon State’s Leadership Minor Coordinator and developer of it’s Leadership Academy. 

Upon graduating Colette wants to take her passion for the environment wherever she goes. Colette knows that to be a successful leader you should be strong in communication, confidence and to be open minded. You should not be afraid to look inside, and let yourself grow.