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So, you've "declared your DOT." Now it's time to tell us about all the great things you've been up to! 

Fill out the quick form below to give us a report on the impact your DOT has had on the community AND on yourself. It's all about reciprocity, and the truest change happens when both parties benefit from one another. If you have more to share - videos, pictures, testimonies, projects - please email Please also tweet any impacts or updates on your DOT using to @OSU_CCE and using the hashtag #OSUDOT.

What is your affiliation with OSU?
Please remind us what DOT you declared (and when!).
What has your DOT done to improve the community? Please include any stories, big or small, that have helped you to realize that your actions have an impact.
How have YOU changed by being committed to your DOT? What have you learned? How have you grown? Big or small, any change is good change, and we want to hear about it!
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