The Orange Media Network Impact

The Daily Barometer

Founded in 1896, The Barometer newspaper continues to connect and inform students and faculty. With a weekly circulation of 12,000, the newspaper is available on campus, in the community, and through distribution in the Gazette-Times. In 2017, Associated Collegiate Press awared The Barometer a Pacemaker, the equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize in college media.


Prism is the quarterly literary and arts journal, featuring content created and submitted by student artists across campus, including poems, paintings, short stories, sculptures, essays, and photography. Prism also hosts an artist showcase each year.

Beaver's Digest

Beaver's Digest is a quarterly student lifestyle magazine, focusing on food, style, and fun. Issues are distributed across campus and content is delivered online.


KBVR-TV is home to multiple live TV shows, produced and staffed entirely by students. Shows can be seen 24/7 locally on Comcast channel 26 and streaming at Shows, clips, and other videos are also available on YouTube.


KBVR-FM is an FCC-licensed non-commercial radio station that broadcasts locally on 88.7 FM and streams live at KBVR-FM is home to more than 140 volunteer student DJs, who select the music they want to play or the topics they want to talk about each hour. The station also produces podcasts and public service announcements. If you would like to broadcast a PSA about your organization or event, fill out our PSA form


DAMchic is a quarterly fashion magazine and is distributed across campus. The staff has also partnered with other campus organizations on fashion shows throughout the year.


Orange Media Network strives to lead the college media field by elevating diverse student voices through innovative and accessible hands-on media and leadership experiences that challenge views, build grit and engage the community.


About OMN

Student Media is one of the longest standing extracurricular activities at Oregon State University. Starting out as a newspaper in 1896, student media has grown to include a 24/7 TV station (KBVR-TV ch. 26), 24/7 radio station (KBVR-FM 88.7) and three magazines (Prism, Beavers Digest, DAMchic). More than 450 students from all majors participate with OMN each year.

Orange Media Network also provides opportunities to students in various other teams, including advertising, marketing, creative design and video, engineering, and distribution.

Students practice skills in writing, reporting, editing, photography, promotion, media law, graphic design, video and audio production, as well as time management, budget preparation, personnel leadership, accountability, ethics, diversity and dealing with controversy. The media outlets are considered a co-curricular support to courses in a number of majors across the University, including but not limited to Art, New Media Communications, English, Business, Computer Science, Music, Political Science, Speech Communication and Liberal Studies.