OMN Beat Reporter

As a member of Orange Media Network, you will be responsible for student-produced content and ensuring student staff members are held to the highest ethical, fiscal and professional standards and practices. You will recruit, lead and supervise student employees and volunteers while advancing Orange Media Network’s reputation for excellence in all media forms and as a welcoming, engaging and inclusive organization. You are responsible to set the tone of the department as a collaborative, supportive environment, and should celebrate and take pride in the success of others with the same enthusiasm as you take pride in your own accomplishment. As a leader, you should build others up through mentoring, coaching and supporting, while also managing and directing work.


  • Act in a professional manner
  • Be a leader to staff, producers, and volunteers
  • Be a collaborator with fellow Orange Media Network leaders in the shared use of facilities, equipment and content to benefit all Orange Media Network publications
  • Take required journalism foundations training with journalism coordinator
  • Commitment to truth, accuracy, and ethics


  • Solid organizational skills
  • Strong writer and communicator
  • Previous experience on Barometer staff
  • Knowledge of AP Style
  • Knowledge of SPJ Code of Ethics
  • Meet university eligibility requirements

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledgeable of InDesign
  • Social media experience
  • Knowledgeable in news gathering and fact checking strategies
  • Prior experience on OMN staff


  • Gather, pitch, report and write articles for the Daily Barometer and Orange Media Network magazines, as assigned by editors.
  • Stay up-to-date with OSU and community news, as well as local, regional and national stories pertaining to your beat.
  • Engage in regular conversations with individuals pertinent to your beat.
    • This includes phone calls, face-to-face meetings and email conversations. Sources should be contacted regularly to establish a professional relationship as well as keep the Beat Reporter informed of timely and relevant information relating to their beat.
  • Manage your beat, as directed by the News Editor, Editor-in-Chief and respective Orange Media Network magazine editors. When applying, please indicate which beat you are applying for:
    • Cops and Courts
    • Social Justice
  • The following beat reporters would make content for both The Barometer and Beaver’s Digest, and would report to the Barometer Life Editor, and Beaver’s Digest assistant editor. When applying, please indicate which beat you are applying for:
    • Greek Life
    • Campus Life
  • Every beat reporter will deliver at least three pieces of content per week:
    • Two full-length news articles
      • At least one of which will be designated for the print edition of The Baro
      • Turn in stories that are the assigned length
      • Turn in stories that demonstrate clear news values
      • Turn in stories with at least three appropriate sources
    • One multimedia piece
      • Can be a video, slideshow, photo gallery, recorded interview, etc.
  • Deliver a cover package for the print edition of The Baro:
    • One full-length news article
    • One mini documentary, partnered with KBVR TV
  • Immediately respond to questions and comments from community with the utmost professionalism.
  • Collaborate with outside organizations around campus and represent Orange Media Network proudly and professionally while looking for opportunities to build audience and participation in the network.
  • Participate in the NMC 409 open house the first Wednesday of every term

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Participate in OMN Boot Camp beginning Sept. 6. You will begin planning, working, and training each day leading up to the start of the academic year.
  • Work to create a legacy of assessment and constant improvement in the pursuit of quality and excellence
  • Participate in weekly training with adviser and OMN staff to train, review the week’s strengths and areas for improvement, and most importantly, brainstorm
  • Notify Adviser and the Director of Orange Media Network immediately should any ethical, legal, personnel or controversial problems occur
  • Alert professional staff on issues with equipment.
  • Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own
  • Check and respond to emails and phone calls immediately, professionally representing Orange Media Network
  • Other duties as assigned by the adviser, director
  • Think only the best, work only for the best and expect only the best

Pay Rate: $400/month


I have read and acknowledged the responsibilities of this position.  I understand that accepting this position is dependent on meeting the criteria above.  Implicit in this agreement is compliance with all University standards and guidelines.



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OSU is an affirmative action, equal opportunity employer.