OMN Student Fee Committee Advisory Board Liaison 2019-2020


The Liaison is responsible for providing feedback and advise the operational policies of Orange Media Network and select the content-deciding student leaders of Orange Media Network. 

Orange Media Network Student Advisory Board shall serve the following purposes for the benefit of Oregon State University (OSU) students:


1. Review and make recommendations regarding proposed increases in the annual budget of Orange Media Network.

2. Recommend the student fee amount required to support the OMN annual budget request to the Budget Manager.

3. Recommend any fee change for the upcoming fiscal year to the Associated Students of Oregon State University’s (ASOSU) Student Fee Committee (SFC).

4. Review unit programs, services and facilities and make recommendations to staff to support and enhance the success of OSU students.

5. Serve as a sounding board for the leadership of unit.

6. Serve as a liaison between the ASOSU, SFC and unit.

7. Serve as a liaison between OMN and the campus and community at-large

8. Participate in the review and selection of the Orange Media Network student leaders

9. Identify initiatives that promote traditionally under-represented voices in media

10. Evaluate and recommend changes to OMN programs and services based on the best interests of OSU students

11. Provide, with the help of professional staff, input for long-range planning and goals in all areas of responsibility

12. Provide mediation for unresolved community complaints


  1. Qualifications of Officers:
    1. All officers shall be active members with full voting rights of the Student Advisory Board.
    2. All the officers must be students that are paying student fees


  1. Additional Qualifications of Officers:
    1. If they are an undergraduate student:
      1. They must maintain a 2.0 OSU cumulative GPA
      2. They must be enrolled for at least 6 credits
      3. They must be in good standing with the University
    2. If they are a graduate student:
      1. They must maintain a 3.0 OSU cumulative GPA
      2. They must be enrolled for at least 5 credits
      3. They must be in good standing with the University
  2. The Student Fee Committee Liaison member shall have the following duties:
    1. Shall serve as a member of the Student Fee Committee and meet all committee expectations, after being confirmed by a vote of the ASOSU Senate.
    2. Be the formal liaison with the SFC on behalf of the Student Advisory Board
    3. Shall attend all SFC and Unit Student Advisory Board meetings


The SMC will also function as OMN’s student fee advisory committee. The Student Fee

Committee has set the timeline for budget approval, with budget recommendations due from

the advisory committees in November.


We will have weekly meeting schedules during the month of October, and the first half of November. We will continue with 4pm Tuesday meetings. With the exception of our first meeting (90 minutes), we will work to keep meetings to just one hour.


To help with the training and orientation process, each student leader will give a brief

presentation about their area, followed by a Q&A, during Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4’s


Please mark your calendars for the Fall 2019-20 SMC schedule:


Sept. 24, 4pm — 90 minutes, Committee orientation: Intro to OMN (with more in following

weeks), tour of OMN; intro to budget process, select officers.

Oct. 1, 4pm — 60minutes, Committee training: Presentations by: Baro, KBVRFM, KBVRTV, Web & Mobile, DAMchic,

Oct. 8, 4pm — 60minutes, Committee training: Presentations by: Beavers Digest, Prism, Ads, Marketing, Creative

Oct. 15, 4pm —60minutes, Committee training: Budget Considerations

**THURSDAY* Oct. 17, 4pm —60 minutes, Final budget recommendations

Oct. 22, 4pm — 60 minutes, Hold in case of delayed budget process

Oct. 29, 4pm — 60 minutes, Hold in case of delayed budget process

Nov. 5, 4pm — 60 minutes, Rehearsal SFC presentation by SFC Liaison, Chair, student leaders

Nov. 12, 4pm — 60 minutes, Rehearsal presentation

No meetings in December. We will return to monthly meetings for January, February, March, April and May.

Jan. 28, 4pm — 60 minutes

Feb. 25, 4pm — 60 minutes

March 31, 4pm — 60 minutes

April 14, 4pm4 hours, ELECTION NIGHT

May 26, 4pm — 60 minutes, new leaders join current leaders on board for final meeting of 2020


The liaison will serve a term from April 16th, 2019 to April 15th, 2020 and will overlap with the current student liaisons this year for a short month and a half.  Each liaison will receive $125.00/month at the start of their term.

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