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Employment Opportunities For Orange Media Network

To apply for these positions, you will need the following items: Your OSU ID card, copy of your class schedule, original documents of your Social Security Card, and and the original documents for either your birth certificate or passport.

2019-20 Employment Opportunities

The cartoonist creates cartoons as assigned for The Daily Barometer, Beaver’s Digest, DAMchic, Prism and the Web & Mobile team as assigned by the student leader of the respective medium. 

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The Barometer or magazine columnist pitches, researches and writes columns for the weekly print issues of The Daily Barometer or the three regular print issues of DAMchic. The columnist also produces online content as required by the editor-in-chief of the Barometer, DAMchic and Beaver's Digest publications. 

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The DAMchic Contributing Director pitches content ideas, directs photoshoots, and writes stories for print issues of DAMchic Magazine. The Contributing Director ensures student staff members and volunteers are held to the highest ethical and professional standards and practices. The contributor builds others up through mentoring, coaching and supporting.  

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The KBVR-TV Bi-Weekly Live Show Producer is responsible for coordinating and producing live TV broadcasts for KBVR-TV. This includes live 30-minute TV shows broadcast on channel 26 and online, and the uploading of full episodes and online-exclusive content to KBVR’s online platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. 

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OMN contributors, reporters and multimedia reporters pitch, research, and write/create multimedia stories for The Daily Barometer, Beavers Digest, or DAMchic, including print and online, as required by the editor-in-chief of the publications or the OMN Photo Chief.        

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The OMN Marketing Associate is responsible for promoting the OMN brand and increasing engagement with OMN’s six different mediums (The Barometer, KBVR-TV, KBVR-FM, DAMchic, Beavers Digest and Prism). As a marketing associate, you are responsible for tabling; leading tours booked on OMN’s calendar; distributing The Barometer, DAMchic and Prism throughout campus; conducting market research; developing marketing plans and launching events. You will also help generate revenues for OMN by operating the photo booth at client and partner events, developing sales collateral and working with the sales team on pitches and proposals.   


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The news editor of The Daily Barometer works in collaboration with the editor-in-chief of The Daily Barometer to coordinate and produce content for the weekly print publication and various online platforms including The news editor ensures student staff members and volunteers are held to the highest ethical and professional standards and practices. The assistant editor builds others up through mentoring, coaching and supporting, while also managing and directing work. The news editor follows OMN policies and procedures to recruit, lead and supervise student staff while advancing Orange Media Network’s reputation for excellence as a welcoming, engaging and inclusive organization.

The News Editor position ends May 31, 2020.


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