The cartoonist creates cartoons as assigned for The Daily Barometer, Beaver’s Digest, DAMchic, Prism and the Web & Mobile team as assigned by the student leader of the respective medium.

The cartoonist follows OMN policies and procedures while advancing Orange Media Network’s reputation for excellence as a welcoming, engaging and inclusive organization.


  • Familiarity with or ability to learn how to take digital photos for a news organization
  • Is knowledgeable of and able to follow the SPJ Code of Ethics
  • Is organized and reliable
  • Is experienced with giving and receiving feedback
  • Able to work flexible hours including nights and weekends
  • Able to meet deadlines
  • Able to remain professional and calm when working with difficult individuals and situations
  • Is knowledgeable and experienced in building and maintaining relationships with sources, stakeholders, partners, collaborators and the community
  • Meets university eligibility requirements, including but not limited to:
    • Must be currently enrolled at Oregon State University for at least 6 academic credits
    • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5
    • Must remain in a good academic standing from the term prior to selection and during the entire period of employment
  • Must complete all elements of Spring On-Boarding Curriculum



  • Participation
    • Fully participate in weekly cohort meeting/Baro All Staff Meeting to train, review the week’s strengths and areas for improvement, and most importantly, brainstorm
  • Conduct
    • Act in a professional manner at all times
    • Be an enthusiastic representative of OMN
    • Be an enthusiastic coach and leader for staff and volunteers
    • Be as enthusiastic about the success of others as they are about their own successes
    • Be good stewards of OMN resources by ensuring that OMN equipment is only used for OMN work and following OMN policies and procedures
  • Leadership
    • Work to create an inclusive culture of celebration and perseverance
    • Think only the best, work only for the best and expect only the best
    • Leave a legacy of accomplishment through an unwavering commitment to reflection, growth and serving the OSU community
  • Engagement
    • Consider audience needs in all content and production
    • Create content for print and online that engages OSU community
  • Communication
    • Notify adviser and the Director of OMN immediately should any ethical, legal, personnel or controversial problems occur
    • Alert professional staff immediately on issues with equipment, and proactively collaborate with adviser on anticipating and resolving issues with student staff, volunteers, readers, sources and others
    • Respond to emails and phone calls the same day


  • Cartoonist Responsibilities
    • Meet all deadlines
    • Takes cartoonist assignments to provide images to accompany print and online content for all OMN mediums as assigned
    • Pitch cartoon story ideas and other story ideas that have news values for the OSU community
    • Produce accurate and objective cartoons that fairly represents the story and the people involved
    • Turns in edited cartoons for use online and in print
    • Be flexible and open to changes in production process
    • Communicates any errors and corrections to editor-in-chief
    • Ensure all content strives to be representative of the myriad of experiences and identities of the OSU community through source selection, guest selection, topic selection, and image selection
    • Attends all staff meetings as required by editor-in-chief
  • Management
    • Ensure you are using, checking and responding to BaseCamp for project management
    • Work collaboratively with other mediums to create a welcoming and inter-disciplinary environment
    • Other duties as assigned by the adviser, Director and editor-in-chief
  • Collaboration
    • Be a collaborator with fellow OMN leaders in the shared use of facilities, equipment and content to benefit all OMN publications, mediums and audience



Pay Rate: $30 per assignment

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