Student organization funding may come from many different sources.  Some organizations institute dues or participation fees, host fundraisers or solicit funding from many places including those listed below.  Student organization fundraising activities being held on campus must be reported through the student organization database.  The Student Events & Activities Center can provide ideas for successful fundraisers.


SORCE (Student Organization Resources for Community Engagement)

This program focuses on recognized student organizations supporting on-campus out of the classroom engagement that focuses on: Leadership and Organizational Development; Civic Engagement; Global Citizenry; and Community Building and Celebration.  Review funding criteria, guidelines and application on the SORCE webpage.


Student Alumni Ambassadors

The Student Alumni Ambassadors allocate private funds in the form of small grants to worthwhile student services, organizations, activities and programs for the direct aid and improvement of OSU and its students. Cultural events, conference fees and traveling to represent OSU in a competition are examples of fundable projects. Visit the funding website for more information.



If your club or organization is sponsored by a campus department, you may be able to request financial assistance. Some of the key components to a request include showing how the department and students within the department would benefit.


Community Businesses or Organizations

You may want to consider requesting funds from a community business or organization (some examples include grocery stores, CH2MHill, banks, HP, new businesses, restaurants). Sponsorship requests to companies or corporations should be made in writing with a professional quality letter or proposal. Include the purpose of the request, the history of the program, type of recognition offered to donors, and instructions on how to make the gift. It is important to follow-up with an in-person visit.


National Organization

Some student organizations may find national organizations or grants will support their activities. Use your advisor and other professional resources to help locate these opportunities.