Web Hosting

In order for your organization’s site to be hosted under the OSU domain at groups.oregonstate.edu, you must use the Drupal content management system installation provided by Central Web Services (CWS) and use the theme associated with your organization’s classification.

  • Sponsored Student Organizations will have OSU branding in the theme of their site.
  • Voluntary Student Organizations will not have OSU branding in their theme.
  • Non-Affiliated Student Organizations do not qualify for University sponsored web hosting

Due to the number of security vulnerabilities introduced by software installed by groups, CWS does not permit installations of custom software. If you install custom software, your site may be disabled. Also due to policy, custom themes are no longer permitted. Instead, you are encourage to focus on the use of imagery within your site.

Central Web Services provides no-cost training options for Drupal. Details on training courses are available at oregonstate.edu/cws/training. All materials are available for download and self study from this website. You may also register for in-person courses online at oregonstate.edu/cws/register.


Established Site Updates

A new domain has been established for student organization websites; groups.oregonstate.edu, which will mean a change to a recognized student organization’s URL. If you are a recognized student organization and your site currently has one of the following addresses: people.oregonstate.edu/studentgroups/<name>, people.oregonstate.edu/groups/<name>, or oregonstate.edu/groups/<name>; the new domain your site will have the following URL: groups.oregonstate.edu/<name>.  Central Webs Services will contact and work with you to transition your current site to the centrally provided site.

If you are a VSO or SSO and your organization’s site is not currently using Drupal, CWS will create a development site for your organization in the new groups.oregonstate.edu domain and allow you time to transfer your content from your existing site into the new Drupal site.  If your group already has a CWS provided Drupal site, CWS will perform an initial migration of your content from your current install into the SSO or VSO version of Drupal, depending on your organization’s status. You will have the opportunity to verify your content displays correctly and functions properly prior to the removal of your existing site. Once your site has been verified, your old site will be deleted and a redirect will be provided to the new URL for a period of 6 months.



Once your group has completed the annual registration process, you may want to create a group email listserv to help manage communication with your members. To establish a listserve, go to the OSU Mailing Lists site (lists.oregonstate.edu) and fill out the on-line listserve request form.