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As the advisor to a Voluntary Student Organization, your role is instrumental in helping the student organization and its members grow, develop and learn real life leadership skills for the future. Your support will not only help the student organization succeed but more importantly, create an exciting learning opportunity through involvement that both you and the organization can enjoy and appreciate. In your role, please keep in mind the following:

  • Voluntary Student Organizations are student-run organizations, recognized as being "@ Oregon State University." While recognized by the University, VSOs are not considered official representatives of the Oregon State University.
  • VSOs are not required to have an advisor as a condition for recognition. Thus, it is recommended that you have spoken with your Department Head and/or Dean, to ensure that this voluntary role does not conflict with your work responsibilities.
  • Your role is not one of directing or controlling the work of the student organization but rather, one of advising, consultation and support of the organization needs.
  • VSO activities should not be supported by departments either with funding or access certain university benefits (i.e. Motor Pool) unless the activity has been sponsored by a department through an Event Sponsorship Agreement.
  • Resources are available through the Student Events & Activities Center to support your knowledge of university policies and guidelines that your student organizations will work within.