Welcome to the Student Experience Center,

where students are invited to take their learning outside of the classroom and apply it as tomorrow's emerging leaders. The building houses twenty-eight student programs, including Orange Media Network and the Craft Center.

Building Directory


  • Craft Center, 02
    Hours: 1 to 10 pm Monday to Friday, 11 am to 5 pm Saturday and Sunday


First Floor


Second Floor

  • Global Diversity Team, 204
  • Center for Civic Engagement, 206
  • Diversity & Cultural Engagement, 228
  • ASOSU, 280
    • SafeRide, 280


Third Floor

  • Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life, 306
  • Office of Advocacy, 325
  • Student Legal Services, 340
  • Auxiliaries & Activities Business Center, 350
  • Ettihad Cultural Center, 380


Fourth Floor

  • Orange Media Network (The Barometer, Prism, Beavers Digest, Dam Chic, KBVR FM, KBVR TV)

Stewardship Guide

Sustainability has been a core focus of the Student Experience Center since the building's inception.

The OSU Sustainability office, SEC designers, and SEC architects have integrated sustainability values through building features and design as a gathering place for students and the OSU community. The space is designed to be open and inclusive, creating an environment for innovative collaborations to emerge.

Student leaders joined the SEC design team in August 2012 for a Sustainability Workshop to develop priorities for the building. Priorities included using the building as a teaching tool, cultivating a demonstration garden, visibly reclaiming rainwater, using local building materials, and heating water with solar energy.

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