SORCE FY19 Application Process and the SORCE FY19 Policy has changed for the 2018-2019 academic year!

SLI SORCE provides funding to OSU student organizations in support of out of the classroom activities that align with SLI's vision and values and support student learning in one of the Student Affairs Domains of Learning and Service.

SORCE allocation categories for Recognized Student Organizations:

  • Programs/Events/Activities
  • Organization Development
  • Partnership (travel, urgent need, etc.)

Student affairs five domains of learning

Health and Well-Being          

SORCE's goal is to provide our student population with safety, security, and a sense of belonging. Recognizing that wellness leads to deeper learning, we support student development of healthy habits. We engage students with their community to reach beyond themselves and create change in the world.

Diversity and Global Consciousness        

SORCE supports diverse identities, perspectives, and experiences found on our global campus that enhance student learning at Oregon State University. Students engage in activities that help them reflect on their own identities and cultures, develop empathy, and deepen their commitment to effect social change at OSU and beyond. 

Career Discovery and Development           

We guide students to identify their occupational strengths and interests, develop career readiness, and engage in professional relationships. The transferable skills that students gain through internships, campus employment, and other opportunities will enable them to navigate a future of change with confidence and adaptability.

Community and Civic Engagement        

Our division provides opportunities for students to engage in service and reflect on issues of local and global concern. Students cultivate a commitment to the common good and contribute to a better world as engaged citizens and change agents.

Personal and Leadership Development          

By exploring their own identities and building self-awareness, students become catalysts for change and ethical leaders of their generation. Our programming helps students strengthen their commitments, mobilize and engage their peers, and develop resiliency to thrive in the face of challenges.


Allocations to OSU Corvallis-Recognized Student Organizations can be used for:

  • Open programming on or within 10 miles of the OSU campus (cultural, educational, informational, etc.)*

  • Open social activities on or within 10 miles of the OSU campus (recreational activities, dances, music events, etc.)*

  • Student organization recruitment, retention, development, and celebration activities within 10 miles of the OSU campus*

  • Participation in regional, national or international competitions, conferences, and professional or organization development opportunities

  • Urgent community issues (safety, health, wellness, natural disasters, etc.)

  • Unforeseen and uncontrollable budget shortfalls

  • Initial one-time membership fees to national or international organizations

*Recognized Student Organizations located at OSU Newport Campus are eligible and all activities held within 10 miles of the Newport campus.

SLI SORCE Allocation Team

The SLI SORCE Allocation Team is made up of SLI student staff and a faculty advisor. Students are hired annually to serve as SLI SORCE Coordinators and Allocation Team Members. The coordinators are responsible for all administrative, organization, promotion, and allocation activities. One coordinator is also nominated to serve as liaison to the Student Fee Committee (SFC). The process of how a request is reviewed is dependent on the amount of funds requested and the complexity of the request.