Affiliate Fund



An annual allocation of funding to organizations previously funded through Educational Activities Committee and International Students of OSU (ISOSU) at the time of dissolution of that student fee funding mechanism. All affiliates have an annual identified available funding amount based on previous funding allocations, funding use, SORCE and University policy adherence and SFC approvals. These funds are held specifically for this group of organizations annually.


Recognized Student Organizations that were previously funded annually by the SFC through the Educational Activities Committee or ISOSU and maintained an active status with SORCE in FY18 are categorized as affiliates of SORCE for FY19. No additional organizations will be added into this status. All affiliate organizations and activity budgets must adhere to all SLI SORCE Activity Fund policies and processes. Organizations that fail to maintain an activity status utilizing 75% or higher of their annual allocation and/or do not comply to all of the SORCE policies and processes will lose their affiliate standing and their annual budget allocation and possibly lose access to request SORCE funding for a period of one or more years. Affiliates must be sponsored by SLI and participate annually with SORCE Orientation, Training and Celebration. All SORCE requirements for reconciliation of expenses must also be complete for all funded activities for organizations to maintain eligibility for funding access/affiliate status.

Affiliate funding is subject to all SORCE Activity Fund policy outlined in the Activity Fund FY19 Use and Allocation Guide.


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FY19 SORCE Affiliates:
African Student Association Indian Student Association Omani Student Association
Asian Pacific American Student Union Isang Bansang Pilipino Omega Delta Phi
Black Student Union Japanese Student Association PERMIAS
Cambodian Student Assocation Korean Culture Association Rainbow Continuum
Chinese Student Association Lao Student Association Saudi Arabia Student Association
Hmong at OSU Malaysian Student Association Taiwanese Student Association 
Hui O Hawai'i MEChA Vietnamese Student Association
Hydrophiles Meso American Student Association


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